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Auf "english-bookshop.de" finden Sie Bücher, die gerade im online-shop eingestellt wurden, und auf "Eules Bücherbaum" gibt es Neues von unseren Angeboten an deutschsprachigen Kinderbüchern. 





Sweet Things & Stories
Kendra Sanseverino
Talstraße 8

71272 Renningen-Malmsheim


Tel. 01520-1831294


Millie, George, and friends:                             stories from the bookshop mice

Millie and George: Introduction

Hello there, we're here, yes, right here, a bit small, but right in front of you! May we introduce ourselves? We're Millie and George, two mice from London, who first came to "Sweet Things & Stories" three years ago for a Christmas visit. 

It was quite an adventure, but when Kendra, the shop owner, and some of her friends, saw a picture of us, they simply fell in love with our niceness, miceness, and our British style and festive spirit. So for the first time in our lives we quit our mousehole in a newsstand at one of the entrances of King's Cross/ St. Pancras station and travelled to Malmsheim - a tiny Swabian village that resembles a mousehole itself... Still there are plenty of nice places here and we're sure to have found the cosiest one: "Sweet Things & Stories", a tiny little bookshop with all kind of books old and new, beautiful knick-knacks, sweet treats, a homey smell of tea and books, and lots of friendly people stopping by. "Sweet Things and Stories"  happen to be the two things we cherish most in the world - and here at the shop they're meant for sharing! So during our Christmas stay we'll not only nibble on gingerbread and chocolates (everyone should know by now that mice prefer chocolate to cheese) but also share something with you, and since, unfortunately, we've already finished our chocolate provisions on our way here, we'll introduce you to our friends, our life in England and the stories WE know. Curious? Come back for more soon! 

Bob from Brighton

Never a minute too soon! Luckily Bob has got his bike, otherwise he'd never make it on time. Bob is from Brighton, he's very much into art, health food, sustainability and, yes, cycle paths. When he arrived here he was delighted to find that Malsmheim is surrounded by beautiful scenery - all accessible riding his recycled bamboo bike! Although the region is a bit on the hilly side - at least compared to driving along the beaches at home - Bob loves it here and he can hardly be kept at the shop.

However, there's so much to see here and he likes to get inspired by the eco-friendly use of real mugs, wooden spoons, recycled paper bags, greeting cards in biodegradable wrapping,...  Isn't it great that you can get used books and DVDs here to avoid further rubbish? There are even used Christmas CDs - listening to "White Christmas" from a used CD by someone else instead of carelessly throwing away another plastic slipcase is what Christmas means to Bob! If you invite him to your home he will provide you with a renewable primary product in form of a Christmas tree, that's for sure! 





Please note: The mice in the pictures are felt mice sold by the British company Sass & Belle, belonging to (c) RJB Stone Ltd. They are available at "Sweet Things and Stories" every Christmas time.